Transparent and ethical conduct in dealing with information

ADC information are collected and treated confidentially and is used within proper security procedures, this information is strictly used with the objective for which it was collected for.

Under no circumstances may ADC sell, change, rent or give private information to third parties.

ADC’s fundamental management principle is the suitability of its professionals and it will endeavor to warrant a transparent and ethical conduct in dealing with user’s information.

ADC uses the most modern information technology infrastructure to link data, assuring proper access to its nature and to this data usage. This web site is authorized to use cookies with the only objective to adjust its transparency and content to the user’s preferences in order to provide faster, more pleasant and effective access.

No information in this web site is collected without the user’s authorization. In the same way, no information is collected without the option to erase it later, which can be done through sending an addressed email or letter to ADC, that will be responsible for erasing the information from its database.

ADC is committed not to change the collected information from this web site, not under any circumstances. On the other hand, if the user realizes the information is wrong or out dated, this user can require any change by addressed email or letter to ADC, which will be responsible for making these necessary changes, if the request is properly based.

ADC clarifies that eventual adjustments will be necessary in this present privacy statement. Thus, in case there are items that demand specific attention, we ask you to periodically check for changes.