Caraguatatuba receives the Brazilian Interclub Championship of Surf Fishing

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After more than a decade, in the beginning of May 2014 , the Brazilian Interclub Championship of Surf Fishing was held in Massaguaçu beach in Caraguatatuba.

There were about 260 anglers, which represented thirty different Brazilian fishing clubs. After being located in their respective lanes, the fishing anglers occupied three kilometers of the beach – beautiful to see.

The event was organized by the Brazilian Casting and Fishing Confederation, and supported by Caraguatatuba Municipality City Hall, which is located in the northern coast of São Paulo – State.

There were five categories in the championship – juvenile, feminine, masculine, master and senior. Each club was allowed to participate with up to five athletes in the masculine category and up to three other athletes in the other categories. As expected, the championship was quite difficult and competitive mainly because of the anglers’ high technical level, bad weather conditions and low incidence of fish.

The competition was performed over the course of two days, divided in three times of eighty minutes each, with a twenty-minutes break for lane change. The final results were calculated by the total amount of points accumulated during the course of the competition.

Final classification per category:

Orca Clube de Pesca (Rio de Janeiro)

Clube Pampo (Rio de Janeiro)

Suzanpesca (Suzano – SP)

Clube de Pesca Gaivota (São Paulo)

CPEVAP (São José dos Campos – SP)

“I enjoyed the entire championship with great satisfaction and emotion, not only for being an athlete but mainly for being passionate and an expert in the field. I had the opportunity to see old mates and to meet people that I have already been in contact with before; due to my work at Pesca & Companhia Magazine, forums and social networks”.

By Vladimir A. Ferreira / Pesca e Companhia / Consultor de Pesca

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